Instant Plant Growth

York, United Kingdom
The concentrate of ethereal matter, provides any plant a source of energy and the most rapid growth. This substance miraculously accelerates the growth and development of any plant, exceeding by this indicator all known types of fertilizers.
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Our Story

The long way of knowing of the true about an essence of living nature and lifeless matter, led me to several global opening capable to change all modern world. In the process of cognition I deeply studied many ancient texts on philosophy, alchemy, mysticism and other occult sciences. Integrating the fragments of secret knowledge of the nature that are contained in the works of mystics and alchemists of the past, and also in theories of the modern scientists, I reached cognition of their main idea. Having created the integral theory about the structure of the world, at this stage I decided to move on to the practical implementation of knowledge that I discovered. At the present stage of cultural development, when good social conditions have developed in the most advanced countries, mankind has acquired the right to apply this knowledge for its practical purposes. Therefore, the goal of my work on implementing these unique knowledge is to improve life and help people solve their life problems.

Main Idea

In my operations on matter, I proceed from the fact that being is not limited to the physical world, but includes different levels of reality. At the level of physical matter, the laws of mechanics operate, which describe only a small part of the multidimensional universe. Modern natural sciences are limited to the study of dense mineral matter, consisting of chemicals and a variety of material objects. At a higher level of being, the processes of life are bound to the movement of a more subtle – ethereal matter. The movement of etheric matter physically manifests itself in all processes of growth and regeneration of living organisms. If dense physical matter forms the level of the mineral kingdom of nature, the more subtle etheric matter manifests itself at the level of plant life in the plant kingdom. Moreover, the etheric body, which consists not of chemical substances and compounds, but of a more mobile etheric matter, is inherent not only to plants, but to all more developed living organisms. However, unlike the etheric body of animals and man, the etheric body of plants embodies their eternal spiritual essence. All plants have two bodies: physical and etheric. And it is the etheric body as the bearer of their eternal essence that has an eternal and inviolable nature, like the indestructible properties of minerals and chemicals. All known sciences remain within the knowledge of the physical world, not recognizing the existence of more subtle forms of matter and higher levels of being. Therefore, science still cannot explain the phenomenon of life and its origin. For modern science and medicine, methods of getting rid of all diseases and the way of radical prolongation of life are also unavailable. Since the mystery of life and etheric matter is not solved yet, any operations on the physical body do not bring the results which are so expected by all people. Based on the secret knowledge received by me, I invite everyone to share in creating prototypes of ethereal matter. It's time to realize carefully hidden knowledge and to realize the wildest dreams in our life.

Practical utility:

So, my searches ended with the discovery of a way to use ethereal matter, which is abundantly contained in living nature, for the most different needs of all interested people. At the moment, the method of obtaining and storing etheric energy, for its application in agriculture, has been fully mastered and experimentally tested. For these global purposes, an elixir of life for plants was invented. The concentrate of ethereal matter, provides any plant a source of vital energy and the most rapid growth. This substance miraculously accelerates the growth and development of any plant, exceeding by this indicator all known types of fertilizers. The supernatural rate of growth and maturation of plants is achieved through the fact that the mineral substance of the elixir, besides its useful properties, is also a means for the accumulation and activation of etheric matter. As it became known, it is the etheric matter that is the source of all life processes that take place in living organisms on the physical plane of being. If to apply an elixir which contains ethereal matter for agronomic purposes, as a fertilizer for any plant, then the largest harvest will be received as fast as possible.

Our common goal:

For the production of Safesalt – the elixir of life for plants, I need to purchase special laboratory equipment. Further, if the whole amount is accumulated, special ingredients will be collected in the most ecologically clean areas of our planet. The composition of the elixir is very simple, available to all components, but they must undergo a complex processing process. This process includes a large number of different laboratory operations with the main substance and special carriers of etheric matter from which it will be extracted. All aspects of the production of the elixir are accurately determined as a result of a set of the difficult experiments. I received a test sample Safesalt – the effect of the test which surpassed the most bold expectations. If our project raises all the necessary funds and starts production of this etheric matter, then the production of an elixir will be organized not only for plants, but also for animals and humans. Since etheric matter is the source of life for all alive organisms, one of the main prospects for its development will be the receipt of a universal medicine for all diseases and the elixir of youth, which brings the physical body of the person into an perfect state.

The entire production process of Safesalt is absolutely legal and safe for nature and the person. All operations on physical and etheric matter are in complete harmony with nature and the spiritual world. I believe that together we will be able to embody all our great dreams, forming reality according to our true knowledge.