A Play on Friendship

Ruislip, United Kingdom
Friendship is the most beautiful bond. Let us celebrate that with our roller coaster ride having humour and emotion tinkles to make you feel the magic of friendship and know the miracles it can do.
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A dance based play highlighting the value of friendship, love and relations through dance and aerial acts. The play will demonstrate a story inspired from the fairy tales and nostalgia. This adventurous ride will have humour, interesting catches and heart touching emotions.
We are Friends Theatre Group and we are passionate about inspiring the audience and giving them wonderful memories that will last forever. We are three friends joe, daniel and eden; who dreamt of this project long ago. Since we being friends through all the good and bad times know the in and out of friendship. So we want to portray our tale in front of the audience by taking them to our fantasy world.
We had presented this show for the very first time in our college and to our surprise we won the first prize. In 2016, we presented this show in Washington Theatre and Anna gulf ground and got praise from 800 viewers. Now we want to make this show even bigger so that more people can experience it.

But...we can’t do it alone, we need your help to work with:

Taylor Amidst: A great director who can reform our play and help us to reach a different level of audience satisfaction.

Manice dolf: Who can design a stage such that it would look like a dreamland and tackle the problem of making performance suitable for both inside and outside venue.

We will take the show to outdoor festivals, village halls, primary schools and tour the show around the USA. We want to entertain and amaze as many people as possible with your support.

We are happy to welcome anything that you can offer us and can’t thank you for the help you have shown us.

Risks and Challenges

We are lucky enough to have Taylor Amidst as a director to our show, who has such a good experience of narrating stories through plays. We are so excited to learn from them.

Another credit goes to Manice Dolf who will reduce our risk of unpredictable weather by making our show compatible with both inside and outside venue. So whatever may come our Show Must Go On!