Photographic Lens Set

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The Photographic Lens Set is everything you need on any photography venture. A reimagination of the world’s first convertible lens system, this unique system opens up a world of possibilities for beginners and professionals alike.
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The Photographic Lens Set consists of a lens base that’s mounted to your camera and several convertible lens components. By interchanging the front components, you can shoot photos or videos at three different fixed focal lengths — 35mm, 50mm and 80mm. This Lens Set unlike any other; it offers you all the freedom of a zoom lens without compromising on prime lens quality, and it’s the only convertible. Lens out there to work with a range of modern-day analogue and digital cameras. Each component is assembled by using the finest multi-coated glass and crafted to produce exceptionally sharp focus and strong, saturated colors for stunning high-definition images — even when you’re shooting close-ups at 0.25m/9.8” with Thalassa (35mm), 0.4/15.7” with Despina (50mm) or 0.8m/31.5” with Proteus (80mm). This is a Lens Set that lets you take beautifully intimate shots, allowing you to get near enough to capture every last detail of your subject. And because it’s so small and lightweight design, you can take it with you everywhere.

And that’s not all- this lens set also features two aperture mechanisms to give you all the creative freedom you need. The stopless iris diaphragm aperture mechanism in the lens base features a wide range of optimal f/stops for each focal length, but with the 35mm and 80mm lenses you’ve got the freedom to go beyond that range and experiment. You can also soften your style by inserting the special aperture plates in front of the iris diaphragm to edge your frame with delicate bokeh.

By reviving and reinventing Chevalier’s convertible lens design for modern-day cameras, we’ve created this set that will revolutionize the way you approach photography and videography. There’s no limit to the amount of new front lenses we can produce, and we’re already designing new lens components with unique effects and possible focal lengths ranging from an ultra-wide-angle 15mm to a 400mm monocular. Each new front lens will be just like the ones you can see on this page — small, handcrafted and compatible with the same lens base, meaning that you won’t have to break the bank by buying a whole new system every time you want to shoot with a new prime lens.

Inspired by the compelling history of the convertible lens, we’ve upgraded and re-defined this classic concept with a host of new creative features to create a comprehensive lens system for a wide range of modern-day analogue and digital cameras. This lens set has three prime lenses of exceptional optical quality in one. It covers three focal lengths essential to photography — 35mm, 50mm and 80mm.

Lens Set has been handcrafted using the finest optics and utmost care. Each element is multi-coated, and the lens base has been specially designed to ensure that you can change the front components without exposing the mirror or sensor to dust or dirt and keep your lens in pristine condition. With three elements in three groups in the lens base and four elements in four groups in each of the convertible front components, this Lens Set delivers exceptional quality at each of its fixed focal lengths.

This Lens Set is a unique piece of photographic equipment — unlike any other lens system on the market. We’ve worked long and hard to get it into production, and we’re incredibly excited to share the final stages of our journey with you. Become part of the story by pledging now!